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 [Freebies] How to request

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PostSubject: [Freebies] How to request   Sat Dec 17, 2016 4:10 pm


How to request for freebies?
1.) Click NEW TOPIC above.
2.) Title of the topic should be [Freebies] Character's Name.
Example: [Freebies] Kane
3.) Leave Description blank.
4.) Follow the format below.
5.) PM Admin Kane on Facebook using your REAL facebook account

SET: Season1/Season2 +13+L+2options
(No 380 items | No Ancient Sets)
WEAPON: Season1/Season2 +13+L+2options
(No 380 items | No Ancient Sets)
PENDANT: Any pendant +0 +2options+3%HP recovery
RING1: Any ring +0+2options+3%HP recovery
RING2: Any ring +0+2options+3%HP recovery
WINGS: 2nd wing+13+L+Option (HP or DMG)

CHARACTER'S NAME: __________
CLASS: __________
USERNAME: __________

1.) Processing may take up to 48 hours as we still
have to review your request and your account.
2.) Freebies will not be replaced once received.
3.) Dummy facebook accounts will not be honored.
4.) Any form of abuse in this feature will lead to IP ban.

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[Freebies] How to request
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