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By signing into our server you agree to our rules and policies, these include although are not limited to:

No hacking, exploiting and using of third party software.
Be respectful to the staff all the time and your fellow players. Make sure you understand our rules & regulations.

Happy gaming!

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 The Forum Rules

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PostSubject: The Forum Rules   Fri Nov 11, 2016 5:29 pm

Usage of foul words and/or offensive language as username is strictly prohibited.
Usernames must not have any sexual and/or discriminatory content.
Also, we discourage members to use usernames that belong to someone else in-game.


Members are advised not to have multiple forum accounts.
If caught, all accounts will be permanently deleted.
Your account is your responsibility.

Advertising & Promotions
Publicity of other Mu Servers is highly restricted.
Moreover, no one is allowed to promote/endorse irrelevant websites, products and services as well as other online games.
Talking about hacks and cheats is included in this rule.

Member Approach

This is a sociable community so we encourage everyone to be as friendly as possible.
We do not tolerate rude and disrespectful behavior here so please refrain from flaming other members.
Respect other members along with their opinions for you and yours to be respected, too.

Fraud & Deception
All sorts of fraudulent activity especially with events will be subject for disciplinary action.


Your avatar must not contain any pornographic or offensive content.


The maximum size for a signature is 400x200 pixels and you may only use one (1) at a time.
Copying and ripping from other members’ work is forbidden and is punishable by law.
Signatures must not contain any pornographic or offensive contents as well.


We urge members to use English language as much as possible as we also aspire to be recognized internationally.
This is also to acknowledge our non-Filipino members.

In events that a certain case(s) do not fall under any section abovementioned,
it shall be based upon the staff team’s discretion and decision.
Rules are subject to change and members are required to adhere to these changes right away.

MU Xclusive
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The Forum Rules
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